20 Apr 2011

Day 14

Research Log
Took the day off again to rest my foot. Did some reading and drawing. Went into Tortuguero with Erica and Todd to get groceries. This picture is of the very cheery recycling plant in Tortuguero, where they sort the garbage and ship it out.

Animal of the Day
Golden Orb Weaver Spider - Nephila clavipes
These spiders are huge. They're everywhere here, and have a very large web outside the dorm. The webs are very thick and sticky. Luckily these spiders aren't dangerous. Just scary lookin'. In other news, their ancestors were the biggest spiders EVER:

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  1. yeah...I was waiting for the spiders, yikes. saw Colin Angus slide show last night, Rafting the Amazon, thought of you ;) Love Dad X