8 Apr 2011

Day 2

Research Log
Went canoeing down the canal again this morning. In the afternoon, I prepared for research tomorrow - kit, map etc. Erica established contact with several influential people in the community of San Francisco and will begin education work soon. Then we stumbled across the local football pitch and had a kick around with some of the younger kids.

EDIT: So many things happening, that I forgot to write about the turtle walk last night. Went out from 10pm-1am. Covered about 5 miles total. Saw an adult female leatherback turtle. Breathtaking and beautiful!

Animal of the Day
Maggie - Lupus Bizarrus
Maggie is the station's fearsome guard dog. She intimidates her prey with her intense yawning and foul odor.

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  1. I like Lupus Bizarus :) I guess Maggie has those long claws so she can climb trees to escape, if any of her prey decide to retaliate...