28 Apr 2011

Day 22

Research Log
Went into Cariari today to take out cash and pick up groceries. The weather here is so dry here, and the canal is so low that the boat ride took 2 hours instead of 40 minutes, each way. It's a wonder they make it through at all. So, my day was consumed on the river. Saw a lot of basilisk lizards and anhinga.

Animal of the Day
Green Iguana - Iguana iguana
Iguanas are found in abundance around the station. The tour boats come by the station often, because they know they're guaranteed to see them. Countless times I hear a rustle in the trees and look up hoping to see monkeys only to find an iguana. Normally the sound is easy to distinguish since you don't usually hear the iguana until it loses grips and crashes through the branches.

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