1 May 2011

Day 25

Research Log
Worked some more with Charlotte to create an Environmental Leadership program for local high school students. It's coming along nicely.

Thought I should take some photos of base, since I spend so much time here.

This is the kitchen. Or rather the gas stove that we cook all our meals on. The rest of the kitchen is out of view. We eat really well, and have a nice varied diet. We get pretty creative with the stove and toaster oven.

This is part of the garden with the library and showers in the background. The library is well stocked with past research here, costa rican plant and animal field guides, and romance novels left by past volunteers.

The shower may not be white-tiled with italian faucets, but boy does it have a view. This is prime location on base to see spider monkeys.

This is the dorm where I sleep. The outside view is a lot tidier than my room. There's plenty of space to hang up laundry, but you have to keep your eye out for sudden rain showers.

Being a lowland tropical forest means that mud is inevitable. The station is well stocked with wellies, right by the entrance to the Raphia trail. The trick is keeping them on your feet when the mud passes your knees.

Finally, the glamourous jungle-loo. No explanation necessary.

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