3 May 2011

Day 27

Research Log
The rain/sore toe combination got the better of me today, so no monkeys. Instead, I've started to design a field course to run down here. I'm also creating a street map of San Francisco, the local community. On a sweeter note, Charlotte taught me how to make banoffee pie! And it was Brandee's last day, so we had to finish with the traditional goodbye pool game. Such hardships.

Animal of the Day
Bronzy Hermit - Glaucis aenea
I know I've been lazy with the animal of the day, but I think this photo makes up for it. I've always wanted to catch a photograph of a hummingbird, but they move so quickly. This one arrived while I was on the dock, and it stayed there for long enough for me to watch it for 5 minutes, run and grab my camera, have a photoshoot and watch it again for another 5 minutes.

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