4 May 2011

Day 28

Research Log
Watched Howlers for an hour this morning. Two groups were calling together from different sides of the canal. Then took Brandee to the boat and picked up groceries. Went kayaking when there was a break in the weather. Saw bare-throated tiger heron, green heron, ringed kingfisher, pygmy kingfisher and montezuma oropendola. Caspar is leaving tomorrow, so I cooked a big dinner.

Animal of the Day
Cupiennius something-or-other
Stijn said "there's a Brazilian Wandering spider in the kitchen". I said "cool". Turns out it isn't a brazilian wandering spider (good, because they're deadly). It's in the same family, and we narrowed it down to the genus Cupiennius. Species... maybe ... getazi

1 comment:

  1. Bloody hell Kirsty, deadly or not, it still gives me goosebumps just looking at that thing !
    Great pictures though and very impresssive sketching :)
    p.s saw Erica last night.
    Take care Love you, Dad XXX