5 May 2011

Day 29

This is my sketch of the view from the dock, North of Cano Palma.

Research Log
Caspar left this morning. I picked up Charlotte in the canoe. Worked on San Francisco map and bulletin board. Walked the trails this afternoon. The rain was torrential. No monkeys. A lot of birds though, because the army ants are moving through base. I saw ant shrikes, ant wrens, white-collared manikins and (the perdiest) golden-hooded tanagers.

Animal of the Day
Army ants (species unknown. ask E.O. Wilson)
They move in hoards and will pass through base in an afternoon, every few weeks. They moved through the dorms and the kitchen, along the paths and by the dock. Any insect, cockroach, or small gecko that got in their way was toast. It's neat to see that if you don't tamper with insects, they all control each other's populations. Like spiders - perfect, natural fly control. But if you kill the spiders or the ants, then you also have to control what they used to limit, ad absurdum.

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