25 May 2011

Day 49

May 24
Wow. It's amazing how different tropical ecosystems can be. A jungle isn't just a jungle. Cano Palma was lowland tropical wet forest, and here is premontane tropical forest. You can feel the difference, it's really cool!

Went on a walk this morning. Found 4 hog-nosed vipers - three adults and a juvenile. They're like eyelash vipers, but terrestrial instead of arboreal, and with an upturned nose instead of eyelash scales.
Found another parrot snake. Their bottom jaw isn't attached in the middle, so they can open their mouths really wide.

Saw some cool birds too - scarlet-rumped tanagers, mot mots, collared forest-falcon, woodcreeper and a few that I've yet to identify. A LOT of unidentified frogs. Going on a walk through the stream tonight, hopefully to see some glass frogs.

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