19 Sept 2012


I arrived in Kinshasa last night. Was met by two Japanese researchers, Yamamoto and Furuichi, a Congolese researcher, Mwanza, and our driver, Ngunza. We checked in at the hotel, then went out for dinner, meeting up with another Congolese researcher, Bangi.

I'm learning a lot about the recent history of the Democratic Republic of Congo. I realize that any money that I spend here is far more useful than it would be anywhere else, and if I pay prices equivalent to what it would cost in Canada, I can know that that money is going to be distributed among many many people who need it more than myself.

I am also learning a lot about what my experience in Wamba will be like. We went grocery shopping today to buy treats to make our diet more exciting. I'm not at all phased by eating the same food every day, but who would turn down pancakes and nutella once in a while? We bought flour and yeast, because I said I could make bread, before being told I would need to make it on a stove top - does anyone have advice for bread in a pan? I also picked up 6 months worth of toilet paper; that was fun guess work.

On Saturday we fly out to an airstrip near Wamba, stay there for a night, then motorbike into Wamba. The village may be closer to the research station than I originally thought, so I should be able to visit on my days off. Shinya and Furuichi are bringing footballs, and I hope to join in.

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