18 Oct 2012

Feeding time in the jungle...

Bokila: looks like brains, tastes like sour watermelon candy

I went out for the last three days, and got some great focal scans. The bonobos have been eating a lot of 'tende' which grows in the mid-storey so it's easy to watch them. Tende tastes delicious; I get to eat a lot of bonobo food that they drop or knock down. Tende, bokila and batofe are my favourites. 
Today I decided to take the day off today because KameKake (the bonobo group) are really close to the swamp (poto poto). 
I'm hoping for some sunshine today so that I can charge my computer and sort the many megabytes of video that I have. October and November are particularly rainy, so solar electricity is somewhat unreliable during these months.

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