7 Dec 2012


Bonobos grooming, Fuku loving it!

I was sitting under a tree while the bonobos took their mid-morning nap, when I became suddenly aware that I was completely comfortable. My legs were not tired from walking; I wasn't hungry or thirsty; I could look up into the tree and confidently identify all the females and infants; I could even identify the fruit that they fed on; and I could have a conversation with the trackers in Lingala. It wasn't a frantic or excited "AHA!" moment, just a very blissful feeling.

Another researcher Cintia arrived two days ago. It's nice to have yet another person to talk to. She's Hungarian, and speaks excellent English, but between her and Sakamaki we have a lot of laughs over funny misunderstandings. She'll follow the other bonobo group, P-group, and her research is about the correlation between personality and hierarchy.

When I do my own studies, I hope that my research topic will be about female social relationships, also looking at gestural communication but in adults rather than infants.

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  1. soo cool that you are already thinking about your own research. you are amazing! love er