22 Dec 2012

Day Off

Trying to look natural as Cintia films us working
I'm doing well. The bonobos have been quite difficult to find this month; because the bosenge fruit is running out, they are feeding in very small groups of two or three individuals, that are difficult to follow. Then when it rains, it washes out all the tracks. But on the days that we have seen them, I've been able to take a lot of wonderful footage. So it all evens out. I'm taking the day off today though, because even though I've had a few days this month where I haven't seen bonobos, they haven't really been days off. I would go out with the afternoon team in the hopes that the morning team had found them, then if the morning team hadn't then I would walk back with them. So those "days off" still meant walking for 3 1/2 hours.

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