30 Jan 2013

Bringing Bread to Wamba

I have a day off today. The bonobos have been lost for the last couple of days, and I went out to find them, so now I'm ready to rest my legs. I'm sure that the trackers will find them again today. Some villagers saw them near the crop fields in the secondary growth forest, so now we know where to look for them. I'm not concerned, because I have so much video footage. This last month is going to be very comfortable and enjoyable. I thought that I would be ready to leave, but now it just seems really bizarre.

Baking bread in Wamba's kitchen fire

Today we are going to make bread again. Last week it was PERFECT. So today I'm going to teach Jean-Marie and his wife how to make bread. They are absolutely delightful, and if I teach them how to bake Jean-Marie will build a brick oven so that they can make enough to sell at the market each week. Sakamaki is also excited that I will teach them how to make bread, as it will be my legacy to the Wamba station diet


I'm also going to have a meeting with Gilbert and Jean-Marie to give them the money that you raised for ADEWA. So it should be a good day off.

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