14 Feb 2013

Only one week left!

Only one week left!

Yesterday was a fantastic day. I followed Jolie, the youngest female infant. It's so exciting to see how she has developed during my time here. When I arrived she was only 8 months old, clinging to her mother's belly all day. Now she is so active and playful, climbing about on her own and joining in games with the other infants. I think that she and Seko will be the most interesting for Paul, since he is examining the ontogeny of gestural communication. They have certainly gone through
many changes.

Etenyi and Bafutsa de-spining lokoo caterpillars

While the bonobos were resting, Bafutsa and Etenyi had found a tree full of lokoo caterpillars and asked if I was all right for a while while they picked them. They got so many! On the way home we stopped and they showed me how to kill them and remove the spines. I took some of them and asked Embele, the cuisinier, to prepare them for me. Mmm mm, they were like little salty, meaty treats.

I have the day off today, because yesterday we had travelled so far to the edge of Kame Kake's range that the afternoon team could not find us.

The trackers are out looking for Kame Kake today. Hopefully they did not cross the river again, although it would be quite a full circle if I ended my stay with some more long-distance hiking!

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