21 Nov 2013

Calendar Fundraiser

Carol Owen Graham and Lorna Seldon Burd have been busy this autumn putting together a calendar to raise money for ADEWA (at Wamba) and Zenzelani Preschool (in South Africa). The first 40 copies of the calendar are ready- and they look AMAZING! Called 'Heart Salutations', this 2014 calendar is full of photographs contributed by Lorna Seldon Burd, Roger Seldon, Carol Owen Graham, and myself. They are now available for $15 each and can be picked up at Ocean Mountain Yoga, or you can contact me.

I'm looking forward to returning to Wamba in February. My proposal, risk assessment, and ethics have all been approved. International and charter flights have been booked. This first term at St Andrews has been fantastic: attending two journal clubs and a discussion group, weekly 'psycholoquia' and Friday seminars, taking statistics and social network analysis courses, and reading, reading, reading. The preparation for fieldwork has just made me even more excited to get back to those bonobos!

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