31 Jan 2014

A bientot

It's my last day in St Andrews, after what has been a fantastic first semester. This place already feels like home. Plenty of workshops, reading and writing, and now it's time to collect some data. There was one point this last week when I was painfully nervous about my visa application, but now that that's sorted the whole trip seems much more real.

Tomorrow morning I leave Edinburgh and fly to Kinshasa. On Monday I fly in that little Cessna up to Djolu and stay there overnight. And finally on Tuesday I'll relive that 4 hour motorbike experience and arrive in Wamba! Back to the station, get to see all my friends and bonobos again. Back to kwanga, rice, and manioc. Back to hot weather and cool showers. Back to daily follows, maybe even revisiting the poto-poto (swamp). But best of all, this time I'll get to work with all the video footage that I'm collecting. Added excitement.

Another 5 months at Wamba. I'll be back in July. And my mum will kindly be updating this blog from my weekly email - so check in periodically for some bonobo news.

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