29 Mar 2014

Flying Lunch!

Yesterday was very exciting for filming - Kame Kake group found a couple of mbimbo fruit. When they only find one or two like that, there is much more competition and hence much more excitement, aggression, and G-G rubbing. A younger immigrant female found the fruit, so she had possession of it for a long time, but eventually one of the middle ranking females walked off with it during the commotion. It takes a long time to eat the whole fruit - about the size of a large pumpkin, and most individuals were able to take some.

A couple of days ago, unfortunately I was not with them, one of the P Group males caught a flying squirrel. We're all pretty excited - the meat eating rates here at Wamba are much lower than LuiKotale. I think their last report estimated about 14 cases in a year, but we only get 2-5 cases a year. And only flying squirrels, once last year a young monkey, but no other monkeys or duikers. The male who caught it, although he's the highest ranking, didn't manage to keep it. Hide (a high ranking female) grabbed it from him and shared only with another high female, Kabo.

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