16 May 2014

The days all blur....

I feel like I don't have much to report this week. The bonobos are still good, although the rainy season began in earnest this week. Not great for video - just sitting under my brollie while the bonobos sleep in their nests. Oh well. I have an inordinate amount of video as it is :)
Wait! I remember.. the days all blur.. last week P east encountered P west again, and this time there were more P west members. At first there were a lot of vocalizations, then the two groups travelled together for a little while, then a huge fight when Snare and Turkey chased Wamba away. The fight was mostly screaming and climbing and jumping in the trees. Afterwards they found an abundance of Mbimbo fruit, which are the size of prize-winning pumpkins. Both groups fed together for a couple of hours. It was really really cool! Made even sweeter by the fact that we'd started that day following a tiny party of only 4 individuals high in the canopy, and ended with a combined number of about 40.

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