9 Jun 2014

Extreme fitness with Kame Kake

What a mixed bag with the bonobos this week! First I followed P-Group for two days. On both days it had rained heavily the night before and the bonobos slept in until 0700 the first day, and 0820 the second! I couldn't believe it. After that, they barely walked 200m before feeding on liluku fruit for a couple of hours, grooming, and making day nests for an 1100 nap. Contrast that to Kame Kake, that I followed these last two days - they crossed the Kohola river again and are ranging 11km away.
Yesterday we didn't find them until 0841, by which time they'd covered a lot of ground and were resting high in the canopy. Around 1000 they began feeding with lots of GG rubbing, followed by grooming. About 2hrs of almost continuous video!!
Today they started travelling back to Wamba and stopped to groom on a fallen log for over an hour. We were all happy when they crossed the Kohola river - back to Wamba's forest! It was a pretty fun river crossing, balancing on logs and a few leaps of faith. When we found them again on the other side they were sharing the big mbimbo fruit, so more excellent video. And they ended the morning by crossing the Iyondie road, completing their trip home.  Oh, and they brought a new female with them, Iyo. We've seen her a few times on the other side, but this is the first time she followed them back.
And finally, I named Yuki's baby (after confirmation from Sakamaki that yes, it's a boy) YODA! He's not green, but he does have a big wrinkled forehead and squashed nose.

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