6 Jul 2014

Wamba in Pictures

Les pisteurs think it's great that this juvenile male has the same name as my brother, Jo.

By 3 months, both pairs of wellies had become frankenboots. One pair's soles fell off!

Chef des pisteurs, Iyokango, standing by a very relaxed Malusu.

Bonobos in the mist, Sala and Seko, in a newly cleared field.

This is Yuki and her new infant. I named him Yoda. The force is strong with this one.

Sitting listening to stories from retired pisteurs. By now, I've heard the same stories several times.

My king sized bed - bigger than my bedroom at home!

Research station common room. Many hours of data entry spent in those chairs.

Those little black patches behind me is Ten grooming Gauche.

Last day with Kame Kake, and they spent a good hour on this fallen tree. Natsuko grooming Nao.

Some pisteurs and me. Back left to right: Isolumbo, Nkoy Isoluka, Bafike, Batsindelia, me, Bambambe. In front left to right: Bafutya, Bondonga Nkoy, Etenyi.

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