10 Sept 2014

Remembering Summertime

My trip home to Vancouver Island this summer felt like a whirlwind. Catching up with friends - a couple of surprise visitors! And I had the pleasure of giving two presentations about bonobos and my research. The media attention was a little surprising, with a few local paper articles, an interview for ShawTV and another on CBC's On the Island. I'm always anxious to properly represent my scientific research, and felt somewhat under-qualified to be called "a bonobo researcher". Big boots to fill, or more accurately several pairs of boots over 6 months.

While I enjoyed presenting to you, the questions were by far my favourite part. I could hardly believe the calibre of questions, covering critical topics like handedness, selection pressures, cognitive abilities, and social structure. And it was inspiring to receive a whole stream of questions from the younger audience members. I'm still waiting to see if we found any leopards on the camera traps, but rest assured that I will let you know when I do!

Presentation at the Campbell River Museum

Article in Courier Islander

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