2 Nov 2014

Bright Club

Warning: My standup piece mainly covers bonobo sexual behaviour, so parents please use discretion if wanting to watch it with your kids.

Thursday was an exciting and adrenaline-filled day for me. I found out that I had received the Wenner-Gren Foundation Dissertation Fieldwork Grant that will cover my next 6 month field season at Wamba! And 2 hours later, I had to perform standup comedy.

Once you've watched my video, check out the other Halloween Bright Club performers. And then just work your way through the Bright Club videos. Academia at it's finest.

Bright Club is a fun way to communicate about research through the medium of standup comedy. It's been a huge hit across the UK. In Scotland, we have Bright Clubs in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sterling, Dundee, and now St Andrews (sorry if I've missed anywhere else). The fabulous organizers in St Andrews have found funding to run training sessions and events. Academics go through the training, write their piece, and are given 8 minutes to make people laugh as hard as they can either about their research or about some aspect of academia. I got roped in because bonobos are inherently comic gold. But from the shows I've been to I've always been impressed by how incredibly hilarious the most apparently mundane things could be. So if you want to get involved, don't say "but my research topic isn't funny", come to a training session and see what you can do with it! 

Make sure to follow the Bright Club St Andrews Facebook page or look for a Bright Club in your area.

Bonobo 'present' or 'starfish' gesture


NEW: Adding to this post with my Bright Club Dundee performance. Same jokes, new laughs.

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