13 Mar 2015

Bonobo Activity

March 10th

Lots of walking this week. On the first day, Kame Kake crossed the Kofola river and ranged 11km away (22k-ish round trip plus wandering around extra for focals). Madness. The next day, I went to P-group, who followed voices to the edge of their range to encounter P-West and Gori group. Awesome three group encounter, but again too much walking. Then the third day, Kame Kake were back on our side of the river so I followed them. They crossed the river again! And then they crossed all of the trails and are past the edge of the map on our GPS, in the area marked “Here there be monsters”. About 13km when I left them, maybe they’ll hit their maximum distance by bedtime (would be over 16km). I’m not sure what they’re doing. They’re crazy these days.There was also a MAAAAAAD fight, but I think the video will be better than just describing it. More bonobo violence than any of us have ever seen!

March 3rd

The bonobos are good. Yes, they’ve been closer to the camp. I’ve been following Kame Kake to catch up for February when I only followed P group. It’s turned out to be a blessing, because Kame Kake are close to the camp in the secondary forest and fields. That’s their solution when fruits are scarce. P group don’t have much secondary forest, so their solution is to walk around as much as possible and go deep into the swamp looking for food. With so much walking, they’ve encountered a couple of other groups (P west and Gori group). But I’m happy to be following Kame Kake at the moment!


I don't have internet in the field, so this post was thanks to Carol Graham

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