3 May 2015

Window on the jungle...finally photos!

Heungjin took photos 1 & 2 on Wednesday. It was such a nice day! They went to a newly cut and burnt field and found bolingo fruit (a really big fruit that looks like a pineapple and tastes like a mango) on the way. They shared the fruit out in the open, then groomed for ages. I was able to set up my camera and lie back. Such leisure!

Photo 3 is of Daniel carrying Hideo. Hideo’s mother lost one of her legs below the knee in a snare. Now that he’s too heavy for her to carry him, some of the males started taking turns. Now Daniel carries him all the time. Win-win: Hideo gets a lift, Daniel is immune from attacks and gets to travel in the centre of the group. It’s a pretty unusual situation.

Photo 4 was when they were crossing Iyondie road. Yuki has a particularly mean mug (doesn’t she look like Greyskull?!) Yoda’s on her back, so maybe she’s in Jedi training now? He’s probably muttering backwards encouragements to her at this point.


I don't have internet in the field, so this post was thanks to Carol Graham

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