15 Apr 2016

Monkey Diet Day 1-5

A group of us are doing a "10 Day Monkey Diet" to raise money for Wild Futures and Edinburgh Zoo. Most people completed theirs in March, but I didn't have enough days in a row without travelling, so I started mine on Monday, April 11th. Here's what I ate for the first five days:

Day 1

Apple & vegan yogurt for breakfast
PB'n'Banana sandwich & raisins for lunch

Carrot for a snack
Baked squash, leek, zucchini & pepper

Day 2

Pear & vegan yogurt for breakfast
Same lunch as yesterday!

Dates as a "rewarding" snack
Baked yam with avocado, tomato & pepper

Day 3 or "the day I delivered 2 lectures and 1 practical, and couldn't have a glass of wine afterwards but instead had to eat crickets and mealworms"

Apple & vegan yogurt
Avo, cucumber, tomato sandwich
peanuts & raisins

Dates again
PB&banana on toast with a sprinkling
of crickets & mealworms

Day 4

Berry, banana, kale,
PB, veg yogurt smoothie
Avo, cucumber, tomato sandwich
peanuts & raisins
Dates again, again
Home too late to cook, so
PB & banana on toast

(Day 3 & 4 were a bit pitiful because I was too busy to cook! Thank goodness for peanut butter and bananas!)

Day 5

Only drinking water!
raisins & peanuts snack
Berry, banana, PB & veg yogurt smoothie

Baked veg & avocado toast

Dates again, again, again

Baked kale, mealworms & crickets

I think what I miss most is coffee and beer, both taste-wise and for social reasons. Really looking forward to a pint on Wednesday! If you've been impressed by my monkey food choices, please donate to Wild Futures here.

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