21 Apr 2016

Monkey Diet Day 6-10

The Monkey Diet has been a challenge. Lots of lovely fruit and veg, for sure, and the peanut butter was a lifesaver. But I've missed all the spices and seasonings that normally go along with vegetables. Can't wait to have a curry! Maybe some sushi too. I think the hardest part was going without coffee and beer, both for the taste and for social reasons. If you've been impressed with my monkey diet, please donate to Wild Futures' monkey sanctuary and conservation initiatives here.

This is what my last 5 days looked like:

Day 6

Avo toast, apple & PB

Lunch: no photo - peanut butter on toast and apple, orange & spinach juice

Orange & dates
Baked veg with Quorn chicken
& vegan cheese

Day 7

Apple & veg yogurt

PB on toast
Tomato, cucumber, veg cheese & apple

Baked veg, baked kale/mealworms/crickets, avocado

Day 8

Berry & banana smoothie
Apple, peanuts & raisins
Cucumber & avo sandwich

PB on toast, banana
Busy day again! Had a cheese sandwich as a snack, but didn't take a photo

Day 9

Pear and vegan yogurt
Peanuts & raisins. Avo, cuke & cheese sandwich

Baked veg and Quorn chicken
 Also, [name dropping] a group of us went to lunch with Christophe Boesch after his talk, so I had a Greek salad without dressing, sticking to the monkey diet!!

Day 10

Berry, banana, veg yogurt smoothie
Baked veg, peanuts & raisins, veg cheese

As an extra challenge, I also wanted to see how close to "Zero-Waste" I could be in 10 days. This isn't everything, because I haven't finished the raisins and peanuts yet, but essentially this is all my non-compostable, non-recyclable garbage for the duration of the monkey diet (including not just food, but other purchases as well!):

Thanks for following our team's monkey diets and please donate here

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